offers custom web application developments. We can create a solution for you using PHP, Cold Fusion, CGI Perl, HTML, Javascript, or whatever else you need. Use our menu below to learn more about our services.                
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What We Do
Simply put, we develop solutions for your business information problems.

We have seasoned professionals with experience in hardware, software, networks, internet and telecomunications systems. We utilize over 100 years experience in the computer field covering all types of systems and situations. Anything from helping the small business person pick their first system, to building a network that handles hundreds of users and the data center to support them, we've done it all.

Linux based solutions are our forte', but we are equally versed in Windows, Mac and other Unix based systems. Tell us about your objective, lets see if we can help.

Readymade Solutions
Our software developers design intelligent, web-accessible applications and scripts to solve problems and create Linux based services for business. We have developed a variety of scripts and web applications, all complete with versatile web-based interfaces that can be effortlessly accessed through a web browser. Our Solutions are designed to allow you to provide valuable services to your clients and to boost your online functionality and presence.

Custom Design
Not happy with the pre-packaged programs at your local computer supply store? Our group is available for custom projects or developments. Whether you require a custom web application, software system or network scheme, our team has the resources to bring you the solution.

Hosting Services
Along with designing your web site and backend databases, our group can provide Hosting Services and/or Dedicated Connections for our customers needs. Whether you require High Bandwidth and Streaming Media, or a Static site with Low traffic, our team has the resources to host your solution. We utilize the latest virtual hosting management system by SW Soft that allows us to scale your service from a simple low usage environment to one needing multiple processors and large amounts of traffic or disk space.


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