offers custom web application developments. We can create a solution for you using PHP, Cold Fusion, CGI Perl, HTML, Javascript, or whatever else you need. Use our menu below to learn more about our services.                
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The Penguix Commitment
To provide excellent products and services in a timely fashion at a reasonable prices to our customers best expectations
-the Penguix Team

Linux Consulting
Linux Consulting: With over 20 years experience in the Linux field we have seen a lot. We build custom machines, we tune them up, we fix them when they're broken. Linux is a swiss army knife that can achieve amazing results when handled properly. Fact is, its so capable that its overwhelming to many. We understand it, and know how to make it do what you need done. We can do simple file and print services to custom protocol translators to clustered fault tolerant systems to firewall/VPN systems. We've been there, we've done that…

Network Systems Design
Small Office? Big company with lots of video streaming and CAD workers? Want a connection to the Internet, but are afraid of hackers? We can build that or fix it and we can explain all that to you (extra cost). Beyond a very simple home office, a network isn't something you just throw together. It takes planning and consideration of what your company does, what kind of information is flowing on the network and who should have access to it. Security and network usage policies need to be laid out to help control its usage and keep its resources under check. All of that should lead you to some good disaster planning…

Web Presence design
Web Presence design: So, you want to be on the web… We can do that and much more. From simple sites to big e-commerce sites with catalogs of stuff to order and credit card clearing. We have site designers and graphic artists to help you get the look you want. Need pictures and video on your site? We can do that too. We can do more. We can help you get the orders from your web site integrated right into your accounting or order management system. We work with several marketing companies that can help build an entire look for your company, from your letter head to TV commercials.

Hardware Design
Adding some more people to your company? Need some additional computers? Need something more? We can help with recommendations of which off the shelf system would best fit their needs. We can build custom systems to handle heavier work loads. Want to do your own hosting? We build e-mail, web, DNS servers and firewalls for any load. Want a little box in the house that turns green when the pool gets up to 84 degrees? We can do that too…

Software Design
Want your phone system to talk to your order entry system so clients information pops up on your agents screen? Need to clear credit cards with a new company? Does one of your customers want you to start doing EDI? We write little programs and big ones. Even special applications to knit things together so you can better use the information you already have.

Hosting Services
Along with designing your web site and backend databases, our group can provide Hosting Services and/or Dedicated Connections for our customers needs. Whether you require High Bandwidth and Streaming Media, or a Static site with Low traffic, our team has the resources to host your solution. We utilize the latest virtual hosting management system by SW Soft that allows us to scale your service from a simple low usage environment to one needing multiple processors and large amounts of traffic or disk space.

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